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Re: Congratulations and admiration

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Verstuurd door John Crook op 23:52:58 01/04/05

Als reactie op: Congratulations and admiration verstuurd door John Crook

: Hilda and Nina,
: In search of information and preparation for my intended world tour I met your web-site---by accident and thanks Google.
: Thanks to my Dutch ancestors of mother-side I can just read your fascinate and somewhat turmoil reports. I like them to read and take own advantage of your experiences.
: My congratulations on the given opportunity to make this marvelous tour. I admire your courage because not all countries are real secure.
: So be aware of and well-behave during your continued global tour.
: In the meantime I will look forward to your next reports, experiences and photographs.
: I wish you a pleasant and valuable journey and a safe arrival at your homeland by the time.
: With kind regards,
: John Crook
: Throesvillage
: UK

It’s also 1 April in the Netherlands

Hello dear girls,
Thanks for your reply on my first mail.
Nearly at the end of your marvelous world tour the time is there to write this letter of revelation.
Take your E to D dictionary and make this short translation exercise:
John is equal to …..
Crook is equal to …..
Throes - (village) stands for …….
Do remark that my congratulation in the first mail was sent on the day after ….
Beside this there are more hidden hints. Keep up your minds.
Nevertheless it was a joy for me to follow your book of travels.
Good luck
John Crook

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