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Re: Congratulations and admiration

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Verstuurd door John Crook op 23:50:46 01/04/05

Als reactie op: Congratulations and admiration verstuurd door John Crook

: Hilda and Nina,
: In search of information and preparation for my intended world tour I met your web-site---by accident and thanks Google.
: Thanks to my Dutch ancestors of mother-side I can just read your fascinate and somewhat turmoil reports. I like them to read and take own advantage of your experiences.
: My congratulations on the given opportunity to make this marvelous tour. I admire your courage because not all countries are real secure.
: So be aware of and well-behave during your continued global tour.
: In the meantime I will look forward to your next reports, experiences and photographs.
: I wish you a pleasant and valuable journey and a safe arrival at your homeland by the time.
: With kind regards,
: John Crook
: Throesvillage
: UK

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