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Nada, noppes, njiente, nope..gone!!!

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Verstuurd door Nine and Hilde op 21:39:35 12/01/05

Als reactie op: Hongos verstuurd door john Garvey

Hey John,

It`s great to hear from you. I hope you are not laughing now, because we are better in speaking englisch than writing.
Hilde is a lott better, she is drinking like a camel and that`s really true, because there are clearly 2 humps showing on her back (just kiding)!
We are sometimes stil laughing about, you talking to the doctor on the middle of the street, about some private things!!! But we still can not thank you enough.
That is really shitty that you had the flu, we hope that you are ok now.
Was it a big shock to go back or was it ok ?
In Montanita we met some other americans who shared your ideas about Bush, so we gave them your website, fun hey ?
Well take it easy for now an get well soon,
Big hug..2 dutch girls

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