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hot or snot

Here you can find tips about all the things we think you need to avoid in certain countries, like a very bad bus ride or a stinky hotel (snot). But also things you must have seen or done, like picture perfect beaches or a good hotel, where they will help you getting bus tickets when nobody in that bloody town is speaking English. (this would be 'hot'!)


Good guesthouse in Ulaan Baatar We've been staying in a perfect hostel, called UB-guesthouse. It's run by mr Kim and his wife Bobby. They can speak perfect English and arrange great tours. They 're cheaper then when you arrange it all on your own. We reccomend you their ger-tour, although if you do it on your own, it also has its charme.


Going with an organised tour to the great wall. If you can go on your own, please do so. Because when you go with a tour, the drivers suck. They defenetly have a death wish. If you've just went to a fortune teller and she said that this wasn't your day to die, than its ok, otherwise don't! When you do the organised hike, you have a limited amount of time to walk the 10 km, so you don't have much time to admire the surroundings and the fact that you are standing on the great wall.

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